Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Up and Running!

This is my first official post for the N.Y.C. Landlord-Tenant Blog. The purpose of this blog is to provide relevant information regarding the maze that is landlord-tenant law in New York City. I will periodically post articles by myself and others, as well as links to other informational websites that I believe will be helpful to those seeking assistance.

As a preview of what is to come, I will soon begin posting the first in a series of articles that I will write regarding various governmental entities, such as the NYC Loft Board and the Division of Housing and Community Renewal, explaining their histories, purposes, procedures, and roles in the field of landlord-tenant law in New York City.

Until my next posting, be well, and always know your rights.


  1. hello. i have a friend who's landlord has not responded to her request for a water leak in her apartment (rental). the leak has caused the dry-wall to crumble and get moldy. she had an attorney write the landlord a letter, but he didn't respond. can you tell me what her options are? thanks.

  2. A common problem unfortunately. The most expedient means to compel an unwilling landlord to correct an unlawful condition is to commence what is known as an "HP proceeding" in the NYC Civil Court. The Civil Court's HP part is a Court dedicated to enforcing housing standards. If your friend commences an HP proceeding, the Department of Housing Preservation and Development will inspect the apartment, and, if a violation issues, the Court will order the landlord to correct it. A landlord that fails to comply with an order to correct is in contempt, and will face sanctions from the Court.

  3. thank you. i will pass the information along to my friend.